International Airport
Four Decades of Airport Service

    Dnata is probably the largest and most innovative supplier of air travel services in the Middle East. Whether the customer is a travel or cargo agency, an airline principal or the leisure traveler, the emphasis is always to provide quality products and excellent service.
    In the financial year 1999/2000, Dnata handled nearly 57,000 aircraft, more than 11 million passengers and nearly 500,000 tons of cargo, and recorded a net profit of Dhs 127.4 million (US$35.39 million).
    Dnata provides passenger and cargo handling and technical support to more than 90 airlines using Dubai International Airport. It is one of the largest travel organizations in the Middle East employing a staff of more than 5,000. Wholly-owned by the Government of Dubai, Dnata's divisions cover ground, passenger and cargo handling, GSA representation of airlines, wholesale and retail travel products, specialist travel services, joint venture ground handling overseas and retail travel in the UK market.
    Dnata's profile, while synonymous with Dubai International Airport, stretches beyond the immediate confines of the airport, with operations in the UK, Asia and Middle East. Dnata Agencies, for example, meets the current and future demands of both the public and travel trade with retail and wholesale products distributed through Dubai and, through partner agencies, in 18 countries in the Middle East and West Asia.
    Dnata has proved itself to be a world leader on airport information technology and introduced the world's first multi-access passenger check-in system in 1985. In a major development in 1997, Dnata Airport Services introduced a Resource Management System that plans, schedules, rosters and tracks manpower and equipment for its entire airport services.

    Dnata Airport Services is the sole ground and passenger handling agent at Dubai International Airport and incorporates Dnata Cargo, the operator of the Dubai Air Cargo Terminal.
    Dnata Engineering Services operates a fleet of 1,300 airport vehicles, and has a staff of more than 1,000, all providing technical support for airlines using Dubai International Airport.
    In 1999, Dnata Ground Operations set up a state-of-the-art movement control center with a radar link to pick up incoming aircraft on their approach to Dubai, all the better to enhance services to aircraft on arrival. The latest Baggage Reconciliation System is in use, security all bags for despatch and in transit. A team of dispatchers coordinates aircraft departures to enable take-off on time.
    It is all a far cry from when Dnata was established by the Dubai Government in 1959, with a staff of five providing ground handling services at the then newly-opened Dubai International Airport. The company name was originally an acronym for Dubai National Air Travel Agency, but several years ago was officially changed to Dnata.
Dnata Airport Operations
Dubai's expanding economy and open skies policy make the city an important destination for an increasing number of carriers. The provision of reliable, efficient and cost-effective passenger, cargo, ramp and technical support services to airlines at Dubai has been Dnata's responsibility for 40 years.
    During those four decades, Dnata has taken a leading role in Dubai International Airport's transformation from a quiet desert landing strip into one of the world's leading airports and the prime hub for the entire Middle East region.
    Dnata upheld its reputation for quality and efficient handling with the opening of the new Sheikh Rashid Terminal in April 2000. The first flights to arrive at and depart from the terminal worked so smoothly that the concourse immediately went fully-operational. In the first seven days of operation, 842 flights and 97,966 passengers arrived at the new concourse; 845 flights and 103,087 passengers departed; and 23,460 transit passengers were processed without any problems.
Dnata Cargo
    Dnata Cargo provides a comprehensive range of services that cover every aspect of cargo management, handling and marketing. Cargo Terminal Operations unites the company's long-established cargo management expertise with the sophisticated technology of the Middle East's most up-to-date and best-equipped cargo terminal. Together, they form a combination that guarantees unbeatable standards of security and service and offers the shortest acceptance, delivery and transit times of any major international airport.
    As part of its ongoing development program, Dnata Cargo has recently expanded its Road Feeder Service, providing trucking between the major airports and free zones in the region. This division provides a range of services to airlines and the cargo community in the UAE.
    In 1999, Dnata Cargo won the Service category of the coveted Dubai Quality Awards and has won the Best Cargo Terminal: Middle East at the Asian Freight Industry Awards and has won the Best Cargo Terminal: Middle East at the Asian Freight Industry Awards (AFIA) for six years running.
Dnata Agencies
    Dnata Agencies sources, supplies, distributes and promotes the best in travel products from around the world, making them easily accessible to the travel trade in the UAE and, through selected partners, throughout the Middle East and West Asia.
    The activities of Dnata Agencies - winner of the Best Travel Agency in the Middle East title at the Arab Travel Awards for seven years running - include General Sales Agency appointments for 33 major airlines; specialized Government travel services; business and leisure travel management; retail and wholesale operations; meetings, incentives, conferences and events management; products and travel-related services, and travel industry support services.
    In addition, Dnata Travel UK Ltd, based in London, offers travel agency services for the UK to the Gulf, Middle East and beyond.
International Expansion
    While maintaining and improving the quality and range of services at Dubai International Airport, Dnata is rapidly acquiring a reputation for excellence overseas. In Pakistan, in partnership with Gerry's, an established group of travel companies with offices throughout Pakistan, Dnata provides a full range of passenger, cargo and aircraft handling services at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad.
    Dnata has begun to expand its operations in Asia and the Middle East, too, concluding agreements in the Philippines and Lebanon, and is actively seeking more joint-venture operations.

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