Probably the oldest inhabited city in the world and still a buzzing hive of activity. Famous for its citadel that towers over it. Traditionally a city of trade, especially before the Suez canal, it used to link Europe and Adia. A truly charming oriental city. Aleppo is the city of Architecture.
One can find various styles in it; architectures of the XIIIth and XIVth centuries, like the caravanserais, coranic schools and Hammams (so called Turkish baths), in the old city. Architecture of the

Omayyad Mosque - Aleppo
 XVIth and XVIIth centuries, in the residencies of the delicate bourgeoisie of the “Jdayde” quarter, with its magnificent stone engravings. Baroque Architecture of XIXth and the beginning of the XXth centuries, in the “Azizyeh” quarter (e.g. la Villa Rosa). The new chic “Chahba” quarter is a mixture of several styles, i.e. Neo -Classic, Norman, Oriental, etc. You can even find some Chinese pagodas. Aleppo is built entirely from stone.

Several excursions are possible departing from Aleppo:
1 - Full-Day excursion to St. Simeon - Kalb Loze - Cyrrhus and other dead cities
     of the north.
2 - Full-Day excursion to Ebla - Bara - Maarat an Nouman - Apamea.
3 - Full-Day excursion to Qalaat Jaabar - Euphrates Dam and Rassafa.

National Museum

Public Park

Eight kilometers long, the souks of Aleppo are certainly the biggest and the most charming in the Middle-East.
They have preserved their picturesque old divisions into specialized markets (or souks), i.e. jewellry souk, spices souk, carpet souk, etc. Shopping becomes a stroll in the romantic Orient. 

Aleppo Citadel
An evening with Arab classical music in the court of an old Aleppine house, or a dinner-dance in one of the summer outdoor restaurants are among other night-time activities in Aleppo.
As for Damascus special Theme Parties as well as cocktail and dinner parties can be arranged in all deluxe hotels.

Yalbugha bath

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