The Rooftop of Arabia

Yemen is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world and the country's history dates from the very dawn of humankind. Set in the south of the Arabian peninsula between the Arabian and the Red seas, Yemen contains a variety of landscapes ranging from the vast emptiness of the desert to long, sandy beaches, from fertile green valleys, to the barren summits of some of the highest mountains in Arabia.
For thousands of years Yemen has formed an important link in both regional and global trade routes. Spices, incense and gold have travelled through the land, and the little coastal town of Mokha was for centuries the prime centre of the world's coffee trade.
Modern Yemen was formed only in 1990, with the unification of the Arab Republic of Yemen in the north and the Democratic People's Republic of Yemen in the south. Sanaa is the political and Aden the centre of commerce.
Shopping in Yemen is a delight and, as in much of Arabia, is conducted primarily in the souks. The range of handicrafts is extensive and includes jewellery, amber beads, leather goods, hand-woven cloth, traditional weapons, brightly coloured  cushions and ceramics, incense and antiques, spices and, of course, Yemen coffee.
Visitors should note that a trip to Yemen should be considered an experience of a way of life long since lost to many other parts of Arabia and, consequently, total luxury and comfort cannot always be guaranteed. Whilst we endeavour to provide the highest possible standards of service, visitors may encounter the occasional unavoidable inconvenience. Please also bear in mind that during the Holy Month of Ramadan, shopping and business hours may change.


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